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Feed Additives and Coccidiostats

Drayton Animal Health has a wealth of experience conducting efficacy, tolerance and digestibility studies including producing reports ready for submission to the regulator. Poultry and pigs are sourced from our farming collaborators and study diets are manufactured by a specialist in the UK. Dairy cow, calf and beef finishing studies are conducted on local collaborating farms or in our own extensive facilities. Drayton Animal Health is a feed additive CRO delivering development, EFSA registration and market support studies.

EFSA registration and market support studies

Testing of enzymes, acids, flavours, yeasts, probiotics and other micro-ingredients in all species

Efficacy, tolerance and digestibility

Specialist diet formulation and manufacture

Water intake monitoring, hock, leg and footpad assessments and litter quality scoring

Studies on commercial dairy and beef finishing units

Coccidiostat studies in broilers, pullets, turkeys, pheasants and pigs

Feed Additive CRO
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